Our Story

"And we were a few twitches away from a stroke."

In 2010 we began development on a technology that would change the way buses were bought and sold across North America. In 2012 we scrapped the entire design, nearly prompting our fearless CFOs to a nervous breakdown. And boom goes the dynamite.

After picking up the pieces of what we had created, we decided to look at it as an expensive learning tool. We realized early on that more research needed to be done on how buses would be bought and sold over the Internet. Some of our staff came from an automotive background, while the much cooler and classy staff came from buses. The automotive side had a distinct advantage in the development process.

"We were able to buy a car at auction, upload it to a virtual marketplace, and have it sold before we even returned to the lot."

Sadly, this technology for automotive sales was, not surprisingly, biased to automotive vehicles. That left the bus industry all alone (imagine a tiny violin playing in the background). And in just three short years, we managed to create that technology. But how to refine the technology while simultaneously developing it?

"Brokering kicked me in the gut, but led to better functionality."

We began brokering buses in 2013 as a way to better understand how to buy and sell buses and vans over a virtual platform, which is the fancy way of saying "lets sell stuff on the Googling machine". The use of automotive sales tools in buses is like trying to hunt geese with a crossbow. Yeah, it may work, but it is not ideal. Thankfully, our experience in virtual bus sales led to the creation and refinement of our technologies. Which led to a much better product for YOU :)

"Seriously, it has been 8 hours! Why are we still talking about this?"

It is safe to say that we have taken more time than any other company in the bus industry determining and deliberating search parameters to make life easier for you. We once spent 8 hours deliberating over the effectiveness of one search parameter for a coach bus, true story.

"We are not smart."

Although we have scrapped designs, fought over ideas, and debated in circles different parts of our technology, what really matters is what you think. We spent roughly three straight years developing, reworking, learning, unlearning, and re-learning our unlearned learning to develop what you now see. However, what we care about is your experience: how you use the technology, and what you find helpful or useless. If you like something and don't want to see it disappear, just let us know. Have an idea that you think we need to implement? Just tell us. We are here for you, and we want this to be your virtual home. You cannot literally sleep here, that would be creepy, but you can join us for a cup of coffee every morning.

Our Company


Shopbuses.com is a dynamic and innovative company with an strong mix of employees from multiple industries including automotive, bus/transportation and the technology sector. We are always on the look out for fresh talent. Whether you fancy yourself a tech-guru, a “sell ice to an eskimo” type or you simply feel you have the next big idea, go ahead and drop us a line. We are actively seeking fresh talent with experience in digital marketing/advertising.


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